Two-Year Old Class News: June 2011

Our class explored numbers zero through five this month.

  • We painted large numbers and then counted items to glue on our numbers. The colorful numbers make great wall hangings for our bedrooms, to encourage counting and number recognition.
  • We created number trains with animals in each car. When we finished, our trains were ready to go to the zoo.
  • We finished our number unit by making Gumball Number Books. The children glued large, colorful paper gumballs to the gumball machines on each page. We looked at the number on each gumball machine and glued that number of gumballs until our last page had five bright gumballs in the 5 machine. The children were delighted when they finally got to take these books home.

Our class created beautiful frames for Father’s Day with our adorable pictures inserted for the dads to enjoy and display. We made Father’s Day cards in the shape of ties to go with the gifts.

Our month and school year ended with a crazy week! We had an outdoor arts and crafts day, then we wore our pajamas to school and had a “sleep-over party.” The next day we wore our clothes insideout and backwards and the final day was an ice-cream social. A great way to end a fantastic and productive school year!