Pre-Kindergarten Class

The Pre-K program prepares children for success and confidence in the elementary school years.  The children are challenged and our teachers help them continue to thrive to meet their individual goals.  Our small class size of 15 allows our teachers to focus on each child’s needs. 

Children are taught basic handwriting skills through the use of the program Learning without Tears, begin learning high frequency words and start the early stages of reading, and are busy creating works of art based on the classroom’s theme of the month.  Children create weekly books (designed by our teachers!) and bring them home to proudly present to their families. 

Other highlights include:

  • Monthly field trips to exciting places such as Pretend City, Tanaka Farms, the La Mirada Theater, and the Long Beach Aquarium.
  • Weekly computer time (mouse and keyboarding skills)
  • Introduction of high frequency words and early literacy skills
  • Math concepts such as patterning, sorting, graphing, counting, and ordering by size
  • Cooking projects
  • Exploration of nature and animal life cycles
  • Weekly readers through Scholastic
  • Building/developing imaginations and artistic ability through use of the dramatic play area, block and puzzle centers, library, and art center
  • Cultural exploration
  • Art and readings centered around President’s Day and Martin Luther King