Three-Year Old Class News: June 2011

We spent the last few weeks of the school year finishing our curriculum units. We continued learning about our bodies, focusing on digestion. The class learned that digestion begins in our mouths when we chew. We learned how our stomachs mix up the food. We mixed milkshakes in a blender to illustrate how our stomachs work. Then, the class learned about our large and small intestines.We recalled that blood brings food and oxygen to all the parts of our bodies and discovered that our blood gets the food from our small intestines. Finally, our bodies were finished and ready to take home.

We worked on the last two letters of the alphabet. The children made yo-yos for Y
week and zeros for Z week. All the pages of our alphabet books were complete and the
children finally got to take those home, too.

We created Father’s Day gifts and cards that were sure to delight all the dads.

Our last week of school was lots of silly fun. The children had a blast working on outdoor art projects all day. The next day was Inside-Out-Backwards Day. Our class was greeted with “good-byes.” We promptly sat down to lunch, starting with
dessert, of course. We ran our entire day backwards until pick-up time when the children bid us “hello” to end the last day of school.