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3-4 Year Old Class

3-4 year old classThe 3-4 year old class begins the year learning about numbers, 1 through 10. We make number magnets and books and even cook with numbers. The students bring home a “Mystery Jar” to return to school and practice their estimation skills. Then we move forward with the “Letter of the Week.” Every week we explore a different letter, make a page for our alphabet books and do lots of activities with the beginning sound.  We make real fish prints for F Week and for N Week learn about nests and make our own edible versions.

Our science units last for a month or two, each. We learn about our five senses and makes books about our senses. We learn about the weather by studying clouds and the water cycle. We discover the mysteries of insects by learning about their body parts, life cycles and characteristics they all have in common. We investigate the four seasons, make a Four Seasons book and find out how the sun makes our seasons. At the end of the year, we learn about our bodies. We trace our bodies from paper, learn about our skin and create life-size replicas of ourselves. We learn about our organs and make our own blood and finally glue our organs onto the backs of our paper bodies.  Our students learn science through hands-on activities that make difficult concepts real, engaging and concrete. Learning this way is fun and interactive; the only way we do it around here. 3-4 year old class

Helping children with problem solving and social skills is also a major aspect of the curriculum. We model respectful behavior and teach children to be verbally assertive and caring about their friends. Our Jewish curriculum focuses on the holidays, where we use story-telling, art and cooking experiences to make the holidays fun and meaningful.