3-4 Year Old Class

Our small class sizes allow children in our 3-4 year old class to be successful and receive plenty of individualized attention.  They learn appropriate ways of positively communicating with their peers and teachers, and valuable problem solving skills that will carry over and allow them to be successful in our Pre-K program.

The 3-4 year old class learns how to count objects and recognize numbers 1-20.  Every week we also explore a different letter, learn its sound, do simple art projects, and create a page for our alphabet and our number book.

On top of our letters and numbers, other themes we explore include:

  • Our 5 Senses
  • Pumpkins, Hanukkah, and snow
  • The Body Unit
  • Animals
  • Weather and the Four Seasons
  • First and last name recognition
  • First name spelling and writing

Our children are also constantly learning through play with their classmates.  Our large classroom gives the children plenty of space for dramatic play, block and building adventures, and unstructured table activities. Sensory bins filled with slime, play-dough, and pretend snow are used at different times throughout the year.